(metaphysical  aura)

MetafizzAura's Founder and Educator

Sue Leocha-Sadowski

Advocate for Psychic and Intuitively sensitive people and their mental mind wellness



...Is an online, off-line company with a mystical edge. Its primary focus is to expertly lead and guide individuals in their deeper metaphysical, mystical and mindfulness pursuits. MetafizzAura offers diverse services, events and education...while proudly promoting a non-judgemental metaphysical culture and community. 


  MetafizzAurian Dreams

Deliberate Creation & Waking Up Our World

The Ultimate Celestial Star shining in front of me, guiding me, inspiring me, beckoning me,  is about collaboratively building a metaphysical legacy for the world so that psychically wired and psychically sensitive individuals are no longer under represented or mis - represented.  A legacy which  undisputedly illustrates and bridges the progression within the human psyche  from a lay persons starting point , through the depths of otherworldly dimensions, planes, psychic and alchemical unfoldment.  A legacy  of  metaphysical knowledge so rich, so clear; that psychology, conventional medical , organized religion, mental health fields  among others...will no longer be able to dismiss, be fearful of, , persecute, treat as  separate our magical, mystical, metaphysical and mindful minds.

 Metaphysically Speaking

The future  of our world is definitely  changing at accelerated motion in this era and obviously how we learn, evolve and transform our lives is also rapidly changing. Old magic and new magic cannot be separated but is being birthed into something more.  I love writing, script writing and Media, so I see myself contributing my personal alchemy to our world through not only working one to one privately with individuals; but also working with mainstream initiatives like consulting for business, academics, developing and facilitating  prestige wellness programs,  collaborating on upcoming series made for TV, Streaming, consulting for metaphysically orientated movies, fashion and more. I am, in essence , a metaphysical agency all in one person, yet working collaboratively with others. I believe one of the best ways human beings learn and grow is through having fun experiences.  The world is bringing these things out through  the vehicles of digital media , social platforms and more... and I am a consultant for all of it !

 Psychic Awareness
and Wellness for All

A huge focus of mine (as Sue) is around 

Grounding Psychic stigma that goes on in our world and supporting Psychic-Intuitively wired individuals when logic may no longer be part of their experience. Nurturing and evolving psychic intelligence which is everyones birthright seems to still be missing or misjudged on the planet.  Intuitive's and psychically sensitive individuals see the world a bit differently and require unique wellness support not readily offered in most mainstream modalities of healthcare and Id like to see the professional medical fields around mental health look more closely and seriously at metaphysical / psychic energy along the path of mental wellness.

Moon Panther by Dorota Rutkowska