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Summon Sadowski

Owner & Founder

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Ontario, Canada

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My services support:

  • mature metaphysical subject matter

  • illuminating human potential / self - discovery

  • psychic - intuitive development & education

  • metaphysical writing & collaboration in biz

  • psychic & metaphysical mental wellness 

  • altered / trance state work through hypnosis & various wisdom practices 

  • Seekers of the inner mysteries

"Baby I was born this way !" Lady Gaga

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 It seems I've been destined to walk through worlds unknown or unfamiliar to the average person. People often ask me " How did you get into all this? " or " How did you become psychic? "  The truth is , I've been living in the consciousness of magic and mysticism as far as I can remember.  I believe that a key element in my success as a self-directed, psychic  person is when I hear promptings, feel called by something that catches my attention or am nudged by my intuition, I not only listen, but stay the course and follow through with action. I know that trusting this process has made all the difference in growing into  " mindful, metaphysical, magical, me."


At some point in life I discovered my astrology chart strongly supports this journey...lots of free spirited Bohemian energy, psychic receptivity and the capacity to lead and inspire others in some form of service toward their spiritual evolution. Of course I learn from everyone too and I'm thankful for so many amazingly gifted individuals I've encountered on my path and for their sacrifices and love in helping me grow into a more soulful person! 

My stepfather always used to say "No man is an island unto him / her - self " and my spiritual sojourn is most certainly proof of this. I could not have traversed its perils, dharma and karma alone!  The unseen, seen, known and unknown have all supported me and still do support me in my spiritual evolution...and I'm forever grateful. 

 ~ Key paths in my mystical journeyworking ~

Golden Key

1976 - 1992

New England Metaphysics Guild & eastern seaboard evolution of New Age facilities, parapsychology, psychic seeing & psychic development, energy healing, inner child healing, Edgar Cayce, Spiritists Baptist church, tarot & esoteric arts, fortune tellers, cone raising, manifestation magic, biblical & ministry studies at Way Ministry

1993 - 2009

Shamanism, Celtic magic, energy medicine, Applied Kinesiology,
1st & 6th Nations ceremonies, teaching metaphysics, adult education in psychic / intuitive development , lucid dreaming, Theosophical Society studies, Obtained Munay Ki rites - 4 Winds Society

2009 - 2023

Occult sciences, Esoteric conjurers, enchantment magic, folklore magic, Angels Lore, African magic, Old world spiritism, Psychic reading,
hypnotism, m
agnetism, alchemy, conjure and root doctor studies

Im in the helping professions. As an endorser of metamorphasis;  I Iove helping others empower themselves through wisdom practices like Hypnosis, Alchemy and other self - actualization paths 

I don't just work with people...I work with the consciousness of people.

While you were grabbing a latte on your way to work, I was sitting in ceremony among cultural elders and shaman, listening to their oral traditions in metaphysics, healing and wisdom practices

I don't just see from in front of my eyes, I see from behind them as well

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