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Mystical Tree holding earth  - graphic used throughout  the site - VEKA  from

Panther on page ABOUT -

Special thanks to one of our favourite Graphic Designers who made lots of the fun GIF's on this site :


Graphic Designer, Video Animator

This is my Fiverr Link above if you wish to use it when you sign up on Fiverr...we can both earn up to $100.00 bonus...Just sayin' :):)

Big Love to Kimmy Strileski for her amazing contributions of artwork on our site. 

Owl on Book with apple & Wand

Thanks and kudos to The Mystic Tree, Angels Lore, The Kitchen Witch and all affiliates for allowing us to display their crests, business images, and artwork

Thanks to Ashelar for his amazing digital talents in designing and creating "Lake MetafizzAura." You can find Ashelar on FIVERR.COM

To my most cherished friends, business affiliates, relatives, extended family and spiritual families for putting up with me while building the business.  For forgiving me for forgetting or missing important events, occasions or worse. For forgiving me for never returning emails, texting at 3:30 a.m, and falling asleep while you were talking.  For putting up with silence on Social instead of reciprocating to all your loving messages, For cheering me on with so much unconditional love, beauty and spirit. For your encouragement, words, reflections, honesty, time, meetings, LISTENING EARS, genuine caring & sharing, infinite help with my personal evolution, career pursuits and spiritual paths, plus more ... I Love you & cherish you. You are all angels with 7 sets of wings.

For my beloved little sister who is part of my soul, my rock, my best friend, my avatar, mentor, shamanista, guru, sounding board, partner in crime, inspiration, heartbeat and best sister the gods fashioned on the planet.  She makes every day worth living, my dreams worth dreaming and our millions of late night conversations spirited. She challenges me to keep growing, to keep going in difficult times and to be the best version of myself I can be. She makes me laugh, smile and want to be silly. Her presence in my life is unmatched.  I love you beyond comprehension. You are a celestial angel of such beauty & eloquent vibration, the world cannot even conceive of yet, a being of your caliber.

To my husband for his never ending support during the hiding in my office making this website and running the business. For his millions of unconditional hugs, prepared meals, doing his part of the chores plus mine. For never complaining when I've gone missing on ZOOM calls or climbed into bed while the sun was coming up. For joyfully carrying more than his load and making sure life runs smoothly so I can be and do, what I am meant to be and do.  For always believing in me. For waiting. For keeping the faith.  For sacrificing like no other.  For loving me as only he can and his boundless unmatched spirit. For bringing music & merriment into our home with his amazing talents. I love you into infinity.  You are a golden rayed angel of the sun.

For my Mom, incredible lady that she is. For putting up with my not phoning her for weeks on end and when I do phone for never letting her get a word in.  For being my biggest champion and for sending me decades of the most incredible academy worthy cards for even my smallest successes.  For showing me what a fiercely independent strong spirited woman is, plus so much more.  For helping me with my artistic website decisions with her keen artists eye.  For spending unbounded evenings after school doing projects, decorating, reading stories and encouraging many days at our sketch pads together...for nurturing my inner artist and inner imagination.  For adding her own pulse to my beating to a different drum.
For allowing me to be me and accepting me; faults and all. I love you. You are an angel of unfathomable proportions with a special place in the halls of heaven.

Heart with Wings



For so many other creatures, beings, and angels here on earth from every walk of life who have touched my life in some meaningful way, too many to name, I thank you all. All angels of kindness, strength and great purpose,  healers of body mind and spirit, shining your light onto my life...Thank you.


To one of the greatest joys and pleasures in my little furry friend and house imp. For her unconditional love and devotion, purrrs and paws, whiskers and kisses, lap visits and more while I'm in the office working during the wee hours of the night. You surely are a sweet treat from God above.

To my guardian angel, all beings seen and unseen, known and unknown, helpers, ancestors, spirit guides and more...I am in your debt. Bless you all. 

To my muse and best buddy, C.C.C.  you know who you are. My life would'nt be anything without you. xo

To Musician #HarryStyles for inspiring me ( just by the nature of who he is ) to create from my heart.  Harry's soulful energy is an amazing force! And to Singer #StevenTyler of #Aerosmith for reminding me with his "larger than life" presence, what a thing of beauty it is when we humans remain true to who we are.

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