Divine Your Wine

An Elegant Little Event (private party or business) involving the discovery of reading ones future by wine! A delightful way to entertain your guests and keep them talking long after it's over. Great fun for your Winery, Spa, Retail, Golfing, Celebrations of all kinds, Fundraisers, Gals/Guys night out and of course any HOLIDAY GALA !!!  

Keep your guests talking long after your event is over !

Divine your wine

Let your 2021 future be revealed while sipping "The ambrosia of the gods"

Your Hostess


The ancient art of Oenomancy (divination using wine or how to uncover hidden answers through reading wine)  is sure to keep guests buzzing long after your event is over !

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Base Pricing begins at $150.00 with variables such as number of guests, location, theme & length of party, etc. to be considered in final estimate. To inquire about your specific details & needs, please call or contact us below.
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