Your Mind is Busy Focusing On One of  Three Things

Your Hopes

What you WANT to happen

Your Fears

What you are AFRAID might happen

Your Future

What you IMAGINE will happen



Everything we think, say, or do, emanates from the mind, which is what Hypnosis deals with.

                        SELF DISCOVERY:

What if with Hypnosis, you embarked upon an exciting journey to your "Inner Quiet" ? And what if this journey made a significant difference to the quality of your life, your self~reliance, self~esteem and self~empowerment?


 Mindfulness Paths


I want to effectively hear and understand the deeper intuitive messages my body & mind informs me of.  I want self reliance and freedom re: my health, wellness and life


Help me connect to my inner guidance systems and obtain answers I seek from within. I want to explore shamanic methods which include spirit journeys, power animals invisible & organic worlds


Take me on a unique inner journey which explores realms and dimensions over and above my 5 senses


Help me see from behind my eyes, not just in front. I want to discover or enhance my unique psychic wiring and intuitive intelligence 

Hypnotherapy for your life


Never before have people been faced with such confusing choice points around sorting out their career and work destinations. This is a really specialized area hypnosis does illuminate.


Any area of life can become real confusing real fast and it may sound cliche' , but your answer always lies at your deepest core ; your still center. 

Hypnosis uncovers this golden nugget, freeing you of any doubts or confusion clouding events in your life 


Take command of your life while fulfilling your dreams or goals.


  • enhancing creativity

  • self discovery

  • mental mind management

  • mood swings

  • self esteem

  • addictions

  • stress or anxiety

  • phobias

  • pain management

  • anything your mind can conjure up

  • relationship with food 

  • Hormonal / anti -aging

  • more...


  • psychic / Intuitive  abilities

  • metaphysical /esoteric discovery

  • exploration of artistic / creative / musical skills

  • health & wellness clairvoyance

  • shamanic journeying / trance journeying

  • channeling information

  • automatic writing

  • awakening & connecting to true self 

  • past lives

  • more...

Free - Up to 1/2 hour free consultation

You are invited...even encouraged... to book an absolutely free, no obligation, free consultation over phone, in person or internet. This gives you an opportunity to speak in person, discuss questions or goals.

Hypnosis as a professional complimentary service

Hypnosis can be used in a complementary manner much like ordering your favorite al la carte dish with the main meal, Hypnosis compliments certain professions perfectly. Examples could be in the areas of mental health and healing, medical or holistic, even police using forensic hypnosis.  In other ways it stands alone as a healthy and cost effective alternative to some traditional therapies for less time and cost. For example, if someone was working with a psychologist to transform their deep anxiety, hypnosis sessions could complement this or support the process. A dentist might provide an on site hypnotist as an add on service for his/her patients to help them relax before treatment or quit smoking for healthier gums. 

Purely Hypnosis for Individuals

Hypnosis works beautifully in activating our limitless potential for initiating changes we dare dream for ourselves and for achieving all kinds of goals and objectives. Hypnosis puts us in touch with our truest essence, self~ reliance, talents and abilities, etc. It can aid us in discovering ourselves or journeying to otherworldly dimensions.  People have different philosophies as to how to make these rich and rewarding mindful connections happen, but hypnosis is extremely effective because the persons subconscious is free to directly communicate important information to other parts of the psyche,  where it might normally be challenged. The bottom line is "Hypnosis is effective" in getting you where you wish to be and it is safe.

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1.) To effectively motivate and achieve positive change in the life of another 


2.) Help individuals get in touch with their own clarity, inner compass and self empowerment

3.) Act as a conduit and support for positive alignment of the mind-body-spirit triad

4.) Provide Non-Judgemental support in all areas of clients journey

5.) To do no harm, to uphold a noble practice, follow a high code of ethics, honouring confidentiality and bestowing trust for each and every client

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Effective Hypnosis work is mainly about the TRUST factor between you and your skilled hypnotist...

Hi, I'm Suzanne Leocha Sadowski

Member and Certified by :
  • National Guild Of Hypnotists  (NGH)
  • Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists of Canada (ARCH)
  • Certified Jacquin Hypnosis Academy Graduate

As a child, I displayed a strong affinity towards the elements in nature ...particularly the wind (air) which rules the intellect, mental power and keen ability of which I gave much of my time, even if just daydreaming.  My very first play in kindergarten, I can still recall being cast as " A WYND CHILD " and I remember the moment I stepped onto the stage , chiffon sleeves of fabric whipping hard as I flew around in my sky blue costume like a goddess surfing the heavens.  The 'freedom flight minded girl " in me had a natural orientation to pay attention to the patterns and hidden messages in the elements in nature.  As I grew up, this became stronger. Nature, animals, people, the elements, happiness, success, health, failure...whatever it was , I found it intriguing if any pattern repeated itself and I would be drawn to discover the underlying cause which made it tick. That intrigue grew into seeing less tangible, less obvious patterns within things, particularly when I was in medical settings or listening to people weave their medical history to me.  This focus in perception evolved into seeing from behind my eyes not just in front. It seemed I had a natural ability to make energetic correlations the average person did not perceive, or perhaps did not take the TIME to perceive and so it was inevitable I would eventually move into metaphysical and "psychic" sciences. 

 Dream as I might to formally attend an Ivy league university, some higher plan took me through other life portals. My first initiation and awakening to intangible energies occurred when my father contracted a rare form of leukaemia . He eventually went blind, turned yellow and was 76 pounds (he was a former Marine, standing six feet six inches tall and a strapping basketball player)…  but in the 11th hour of his life, with both feet in the grave and decidedly throwing in the towel… an unanticipated miracle happened. A miracle so illuminating, it changed the course of an entire hospital, community and my family.  I was just 12 when my dads life, as miracle man, set the stage for my future with metaphysics and energy healing because his story defied all human odds… some still unexplainable.


My journey into mystical and otherworldly realms continued to be forged over decades by the appearance of magical, metaphysical and some might even say fierce, sage mentors, shaman, conjurers, psychics, healers, spiritualists as well as mainstream and not so mainstream professionals in medical and psychology. Nor should I leave out dedication to extraordinary family, friends and extended spiritual family who supported my journey and still do.  I was also fortunate enough to work with one of the finest elder doctors and spiritual kinesiologists in North America, much of his work ahead of its time and kept hidden in his library till the day he died.  We devoted years to experimenting with various energetic healing protocols. Yet , given all this, perhaps the most important part of my life’s tapestry has been the attention I gave to my own inner wiring. In meeting my own inner planes and validating my own body-mind-spirit evolution, I chose to answer the call.  And that ‘call’ eventually brought me to my practice in Hypnosis and further studies of the human psyche. 

My life long experiences in many forms of 'energy exploration", exposure to unconventional healing methods, cultural knowledge and studying with ecclectic travelers on esoteric paths,  provided me with an exceptional foundation and tools in aiding others in understanding how their minds create the realities they are living in. I am also able to help people see what is necessary in bringing about their own effective healing, transformation, self empowerment, success and clarity. 

Through the art of  Hypnosis my goal is to act as a guide on the side and help illuminate people's path untill they arrive at their absolute place of awareness in what they need to know for themselves. A place beyond a shadow of a doubt, which uncovers what their innate intelligence is telling them.





                 STRUCTURE of a SESSION

While I do not subscribe to a cookie cutter formula in approaching hypnosis work, there are some areas which hold repeated key elements:


1.) I offer a free 20 minute session prior to booking. This is your opportunity for inquiries. If it’s a green light for both of us, I will send links to PDF forms online or mail profile forms I’ll need you to complete, which are required before your first "official" session.


2.) I’ll be asking you to consider some meaningful personal elements of your goals, which we’ll be building into the storylines of your customized hypnosis script.


3.) During the first "get to know " one another session, we both get a chance to see how we work together and we can review/discuss a few details before we start the actual hypnosis process. Sessions can take 1+1/2 hours

to 2  hours your first time, depending on many variables. Your first session is very important and is your chance to talk about anything you wish, as well as share your dreams and goals. Discussing your session clearly and making sure you understand the hypnosis process, is vital to any future sessions together.


4.) Subsequent sessions are usually 1 + 1/2 hours (give or take) and I remain flexible where need be. If you are doing deep trance work and in a deep state, I do not rush to end our session just because "our time is up ". 


5.) Depending on how you process your sessions and whether you wish to do self hypnosis or audio’s between sessions, a fair guideline for usual number of visits with average goals would be to consider a minimum of 3. Some goals require more tenacity, especially if habits or addictions are deeply entrenched. Other goals settle in and shape shift you quickly. Leave yourself open for great things to happen and your intuitive intelligence and I, will guide you through the process that's perfect for you.