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 I'm Sue and I'll be your spiritual consultant through this journey together. You might be asking yourself "What is the greater purpose of having a psychic reading?"  Readings offer extra whispers in our ear, especially  when we may be hyper -focused in our own lives and not listening as well as we could be to our intuition and inner directives. Other times they can simply be a touchstone...a way of providing  some feedback of what we are creating in any given point of time in our lives. Whether its our external world or internal world, a reading helps to  mirror back the possibilities and probabilities at play in and around our lives.

For example, a client may ask me why she hasnt found her ideal partner yet, when its all she dreams of. Her cards might reveal competing intentions and indicate that she still isn't fully over her Ex yet. In this way, the cards reveal to her where her energy is most deeply vested. This awareness alone can help her understand her role in why a new partner hasnt shown and she can then choose to change up her outcome. 


I particularly love oracle cards and tarot card reading and I utilize both natural and organic divination to help uncover patterns and answers to lifes challenges and questions. I also believe the ancient art of tarot used skillfully, is an amazing tool for self psychology. In other words, it helps us along our spiritual evolution, by mirroring feedback about how our energy and psyche are operating both inside ourselves and alternatively, in our external physical world.

Our ancestors did not run to a store to purchase tarot cards in order to understand and divine information. They used elements in nature such as stones, sticks, reading flight patterns of birds and many other natural world methods. The truth is,  nothing is hidden and everything is readable if one knows how to look.

When I read for my clients, aside from addressing their areas of choice or concern...(if there are any),  I also pull through whatever priority information wishes to present itself first and foremost.   Images, hearing messages or songs, a spirit or relative or other impressions can appear.  The key information can show up in many forms.

I look forward to connecting with you and journey-working on your behalf.