Find invisible natural world magic in the snow.

Better than building a snowman. (wink - wink)

This article is beneficial for adults interested in nature and #shamanism as well as adults with children in their life

FOR THE ADULTS: A Winter's Tale :

Ahhhh, Magic. How can we forget the simple wonders of winter magic we experienced in childhood … snow angels becoming animated, sticking our tongue on something frosty or catching that first perfect snow flake, watching water gurgle beneath cracks in the ice, following animal prints in the snow, the sounds of crunching branches under our boots and snow suits… and of course, icicles. Glorious icicles! We genuinely felt the life force of the invisible natural world pulsing throughout the natural world when we were young; but how many of us are tapping into that magic even more authentically now that we’re “all grown up?” And perhaps more importantly, have our children of today forgotten about natural world magic ?

When I moved from New England to Canada many years ago, I was only on Canadian soil 2 weeks before I met someone remarkable whose eventual friendship would alter my life forever. I met an incredible shaman elder whom I ended up moving around with in one way or another for over 17 years. It was a magical time and during one of our first walks together, this is how the conversation went as we tromped through the snowy winter woods, off the beaten path:

At one point, my Scottish shaman friend exclaimed “ Ahhh, Lassie, I can see you are already moving about on the other side “ ( I had both feet on a trail walking along side him far as I could tell )…I looked at him with a bit of confusion. And it was a sassy cold day, not for the faint hearted. I wanted to keep moving, not stop and converse, so I just let his comment slide. The shaman I’ve met in my time are either secretly fiendish when imparting lessons or they know something most of us don’t. Over the many years I've come to know it’s the latter; that they know something most of us don’t. But in that very second I was pondering the fact that we were walking against fierce wind, snow pelting on my face with ice shards, and this was his idea of “ a nice, fun, relaxing, walk.” We actually had to shimmy up a rather high steep cliff and down the other side with unsteady rocks, just to get to the center of the valley instead of following the direct mapped out park trail. I was calculating in my boots how much unnecessary discomfort I was experiencing due to his chosen compass, but I chugged alongside him best I could. Finally we came to a flat open clearing. “ Do you see it Lassie? DO YOU ? “ I was staring out into a beautiful landscape, majestic in its snow white purity but I wasn’t seeing anything worth getting that excited about. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently ushered me into facing the wind as if we were trying to be very stealthy. Again, some confusion veiled my thinking. “SHHHHHH” He said, “Look at the surface of the snow. Keep a soft focus, just relax your eyes. ” I surely was seeing one heck of alot of blanketed snow but nothing too etherial. Then it struck me…all the diamonds glinting in the snow..all the colours of the rainbow in one gazillion little mirrors lying on the surface of that field. It was breathtaking. “Stay with it now “ I heard in my ear. I breathed into the experience, I stopped trying to see with my usual focus. In fact, the moment I stopped trying to focus at all, is when the magic popped in. All of a sudden, I was seeing from behind my eyes, not just in front. I was seeing mystical, magical worlds dancing within each diamond glass mirror, each colour that caught my attention was igniting something inside of me… and then an entire sea of snow diamonds began to lift off the surface and into the air, hoovering above the large white blanket. As the rainbows began to shimmer, I began to ‘feel’ it all. My spirit was moved. “ You can bring the colours into you now, Lassie “ he whispered softly, as if we were on an expedition of great importance. “Don’t lose the moment! “ he continued even more softly. And then, it happened. I was ‘gone’; I was “ moving about” just as he had implied I had been doing minutes earlier during the walk. I was some place else besides this physical world. I stopped being an observer and I became one with the diamonds on the snow which were now floating in the sky just above the surface. I imagined pulling the largest prisms of colour into parts of myself, my body, my third eye, my hands…I was flying now, over the mirrors across the snow and gathering all their energy, the enchantments, the otherworldly magic into myself. Especially places I needed to heal or accelerate my energy. I absorbed them all. I was interconnected. My perception shifted for only a split second but something unexpected happened. I began to see trails of coloured snow diamonds as paths I could follow into the distance with my eyes. Paths that seemed to light up more brightly than the rest of the diamonds on the snow. I instinctively followed one trail of diamond glints and suddenly I sensed it felt wrong to ‘use’ the energies on these paths for my own benefit … so I simply enjoyed their magical movement. Through my inner eye, I began to have visions of being underground, deep in the roots of the trees along the forest line and I saw remarkable beings and worlds of hanging roots. I was in the underworld nestled in the roots of trees, looking up toward a tiny hole like Alice in wonderland, where I could see the snow blanketing the ground. And. I was very very small in that moment.

Suddenly, I felt something pressing on my legs, bringing me back to the ‘here now’. I snapped out of my trance state and heard “ OH, hello ! Beautiful day today, isn’t it ? “ and I realized my shaman friend and some other gentleman were chatting it up while this furry creature with a wagging tail kept knocking into my legs, reminding me it was time to come back to present reality. He nuzzled against me and as I bent down to pet him I looked out over the field once more. The snow looked exactly as it always does. It felt as if someone had simply flipped a switch, bringing me out of a dream, smack into present time. The journey had been short lived; but sweet and memorable. The Shaman man looked at me and asked

“ Did you find any fairy paths ? “


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