Magical Solstice Tips for this exact hour of Jupiter 9:13 pm - 10:12pm on 09/22/2022

If you think you are out of luck because you haven’t been able to participate in magic working this gorgeous fall solstice day of September 22, 2022 and you want to capitalize on the most fortuitous Jupiter hours ; you can still jump for joy IF you are lucky enough to catch this little blog anytime after 9:13 pm and still before 10:12 pm EST time. I urge you to abandon reading this and RUN and find yourself a candle or fire pot ( preferably with a parameter as wide as the width of the tip of your thumb to the tip of your little finger when you spread your hand wide open)…then grab an herb pouch or even some loose herbs and any other magical items you may have handy.

Once gathered you can light yourself a flame and make a wish or set some intentions as you light it. Even if it is to simply honour the ancestors and acknowledge the ancientness of the solstice energies. LIght some herbs that hold relevant affinities to the solstice, the planet Jupiter or even the angel over seeing the day, something meaningful to celebrate with. If you don’t have any formal magical items in this moment, you can use herbs or plants like fern, daffodil, heather, Irish moss, rose, nutmeg, pineapple, star anise or anything else that relates to this particular hour of luck and burn a pinch as you make your wish. ( source Google for more magical ideas for solstice or keep on reading)

The way I see it, today is an unusually fortuitous day. not only is the date magical in and of itself ( all those number 2's) but the morning was kicked off by Jupiter at sunrise and lucky Jupiter is also known as the Santa Claus Planet because it grants wishes, brings good fortune and is an all around good guy. That said, it’s an EXTREME SPORTS lucky solstice today because it also fell on a THURSDAY this round; which is already ruled by JUPITER! The ArchAngel Sachiel who is aligned with the planet Jupiter is listed on one of my mentors sites under “ your angel on the path of the wise” at for full teaching and a free peek at the powerful magical charm of Jupiter. Just feasting your eyes on the charm in a respectful manner toward ArchAngel Sachiel / Jupiter can activate good fortune even if it is all you do! ( Don’t forget to thank ArchAngel Sachiel after you set your intention to manifest your desire or say your petition ) The way I remember the ArchAngels name “Sachiel” as it relates to Jupiter is , I think of the word SATCHEL …because a satchel is what Santa carries on his back filled with toys. That's my word association trick :) Planet Jupiter was busy today, visiting us 3 times in 12 hours and it will also be prevalent again during the wee hours of 4 a.m. this evening. ( which will technically be after midnight and considered the 23rd). I was always taught by shaman elders that when you are celebrating something such as solstice or other important planetary events,(even the full moon) you can still generally catch the essence of the energy a couple days either side of the event. So don’t despair…light a candle, dance, make a wish, do some magic working at 4 a.m. if you are a night owl and even if you miss the exact times Jupiter is exemplifying it’s energy today, you can still catch the vibe by celebrating in some meaningful way tomorrow. I am writing a super quick article on this because I only have 20 minutes to get it out to you….but I hope someone managed to catch this on the wind …and honour the fabulous solstice day and all the magical associations that come along with it. Till next time. Love and more love, Sue 🍁☀️🍁🎃🍁☀️

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