For serious tarot professionals and/or collectors of all things magical ! 

LIMITED QUANTITIES: Being hand made, only a certain number of each magical bag will be available while supplies last. Then, new patterns and new creations will unfold. You are always welcome to inquire or special request !


Quality Control :

These bags are sheer quality every stitch of the way. The time & dedication in their creation is more than Wizard ware worthy.  Note that every one of these stunning bags is hand-made using high quality fabrics "Witch"  are uniquely awesome for those who are lucky enough to own one or be gifted one.



These seamlessly sewn bags boast unique and bead-u-tiful, hand-beaded accents, are imbued and smudged prior to new ownership and a sacred white sage leaf inserted between the lining and outer fabric. An additional hand sewn interior lining assures your bag will last through many Potions classes while remaining a cherished heritage collectable. 



Bags shown in pictures are 9x5, 1/2 inch thick. Bags for MINI tarot decks or smaller sized card decks such as slim mini's are also available in the fabric patterns displayed above. 



Imbued magic bags - for tarot or mystical treasures

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