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Metaphysical Hypnotherapy
Suitable for Professional, Individuals or Groups

Let me show you all the unique options and choices that will change your world. Effective, current, yet ancient and timeless. Contact with ones "inner quiet" is key. 

Dare. Explore. Shape-shift.

Metaphysical Clarity Coachingtm
Suitable for Professionals, Individuals or Groups

 Highly Intuitive, psychic and spiritually seeking individuals navigate in a different ball park than many others. Their innate wiring and perceptive inner orientation requires special support, skills and applied wisdom to aid them in understanding how their minds are operating. This is especially true with regard to gaining understanding and clarity for those who see from behind their eyes or have more complex psyches, as well as those in various professions who work with them.

 Improving company culture  with a "healthy metaphysique" 
 Workshops Suitable for Select Professions or Business
  • Corporate/Business 

  • Medical Professionals 

  • Spas / Holistic Ctrs

  • The Arts

  • Other

Video Tutorials 

Expertly facilitated mindfulness practices:

I understand as the consummate professional or business that you are, you'll need to know what my services can deliver for your clients, team or employees and what kind of effective outcomes you can expect and enjoy. I also understand you may be presenting these program ideas to other peers, colleagues or management and you may require a deeper dive of the information to be covered, especially if funding is allocated toward a program. I've got your back, me with your inquiries 

Ways in which my metaphysical services shape your world... and enhance lives


Many mental health sectors are desperately in need of change and growth. By honouring metaphysical mindfulness services, alternative options and complimentary programs, it can accelarate the desperately needed transitions for health and wellness sectors in our world.