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Divine Your Wine
The ancient art of OENOMancy
Psychic Readings for Stylish Events
Psychic readings add mystical savoir faire for your elegant affair
Red Carpet Events & Parties
Fundraisers or red carpet events...Psychic Readings are always a great crowd pleaser !
Spas and Wellness Centers
Workshops, classes, and unique services to compliment your holistic business
Drum circles for traditional fun or mystical enhancement...
Soul Coulture
Great growth-shops and soul food for those who are spiritually seeking
Social Seers Table Event
A self discovery group
Shamanic Consulting
Shamanic based services
Business Services
Corporate and Business related services
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"I hosted my first table seers gathering led by Sue on a warm summer’s evening at my house.. My group, made up of friends and colleagues, arrived early enough to enjoy a small barbecue and a swim before we began our adventure in answer seeking.

The general atmosphere surrounding the event dripped with anticipation of what the evening could hold. Each person who attended brought with them an issue with which they hoped to find resolution. As the sun went down, the group gathered outside around a table and held hands.

Whether they had questions about family, careers, love, spiritual guidance or messages from loved ones passed on, one by one the queries of participants were answered. Our whole group came away from the experience feeling rewarded and uplifted after having a wonderful time. I would recommend a table seers gathering to anyone looking for direction, answers or just an energizing and fulfilling time with friends and family."

C.A. King, Author~ The Portal Prophecies Series 2015

Divine Your Wine


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