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Personal Psychic Readings 

A 1-2-1 personal reading is something very special you can give to yourself ( or gift to someone else) when you might welcome a little whisper in your ear or wish some objectivity and guidance in any area of life. Covers any topics.

Career Insight Readings

Must knows, assistance and clarity when you crave  directives around work, jobs, career changes, decision making processes....

Health Clairvoyance

A very specialized type of reading .... this reading looks at your overall health and wellness, the mind - body - spirit triad and energy work. 

Disclaimer: Readings are not intended to diagnose, imply medical terminology nor replace any medical professionals. 

Blind Reading

A "blind reading "  is a reading that looks at ' what wants to show up' in someone's life at that present moment in time and any important future energies taking form ! This kind of reading provides insights and a snapshot of what is taking place in and around the querrants  life. People  usually request this when they don't have specific questions!

Shamanic Journey

This reading is oriented toward uncovering information - insights toward soulful spiritual seeking. It may assist in reclaiming lost parts of oneself and getting in touch with inner planes and inner directives a person may or may not be  consciously aware of.

Psychic Parties & Events

When you want a celebration to turn into too much fun!  Great for socials, red carpet events and fundraisers, guys/girls night out, etc. You want to keep your guests buzzing long after your event is over !


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Prices / Fees

Readings can be mixed and matched to accomodate subject matter, wishes and needs



Event pricing will vary due to size of event, number of guests or group, location and other factors. Base start rate at $200.00  Please use contact form below to reach out.

 I look forward to connecting soon!


Private readings begin at 

$90.00 Hourly.

$55.00 half hour. 


Pricing may vary for events, seasonal promotions or affiliate locations


Readings are offered over Zoom, Video, E-mail, In person, On location and Social Platforms