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Seasonal Coupons & Specials may be periodically offered. Please scan one here, at The Psychic Parlour or The Kitchen Witch Shop.

1 Hour Psychic Reading

Visiting The Psychic Parlour offers a unique reading experience to help you take a break from the world and enjoy an hour for yourself. During the session,  I'll use a variety of esoteric practices such as crystal ball reading, tarot cards and inner sight to uncover hidden insights and a few personal ( or mystical ) revelations!

  2.5 Hour Luxury Reading

In my psychic consulting service, I recognize that sometimes it's essential to have someone to talk to, especially during major life changes, transitions or deeper dive matters. That's why I offer a one-on-one consultation that provides you with a sinfully generous amount of time devoted to getting to the heart of your burning questions. This service is perfect for those who need dedicated support, guidance or clarity.

Mediumship & Medical Clairvoyance

Mediumship takes skillful talent and must be handled with the utmost  of ethical practices and care for those wishing to connect with someone on the other side. Medical Clairvoyance is also a very unique skill demanding accuracy and ethical practices. Please contact me first if you are looking for solely a mediumistic session or  solely medical clairvoyance although either of these often channel through normal psychic sessions as part of the expanded message.

1/2 Hour Psychic Reading

Whether you are spiritually seeking or just in for curiosity and fun, this 1/2 hour psychic reading is the perfect choice for those wanting a quick and efficient, budget friendly reading. Using a combination of tarot cards and visions, my top priority is providing you with accurate, insightful and often fascinating, information.

Divination - Charms,  Shells, Bones,  Stones, Walnuts & Other 

My divination services are a diverse eclectic blend and may offer insights into the future through the possible use of bones, shells, charms and tarot cards. All of these methods and tools help uncover hidden information, just like a mirror reflects the water's surface often revealing it's many secrets hidden beneath.

Themed Readings - Seasonal

 Whether you’re looking for a fun themed psychic event for your girls/guys night out, special fundraiser or a rainbow coloured gala and everything in - between, I have something to make your occasion truly stand out . Let me help you plan the perfect event - just contact me via our contact form (or text ) to set up a time to discuss your ideas. I'll keep your guests buzzing long after your event is over ! 

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Welcome to MetafizzAura, where the mystical and the modern converge in perfect harmony. As a multifaceted business we offer a kaleidoscope of metaphysical services. But MetafizzAura is not merely a realm of crystal balls and tarot cards; its a sanctuary of sophistication. Our upscale events blend opulence and enchantment, which celebrates a convergence of spirituality and culture. We also unveil and curate academic training for those seeking ancient and modern wisdom. Step into our world where magic dances with reality and discover the extraordinary Metaphysical Aura of MetafizzAura. 



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