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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
                                                                                         ― Roald Dahl
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Exclusive Services


Is a psychic reading right for you?

Sometimes, we can all use a little whisper in our ear. Here are just a few reasons when a psychic-tarot reading can be especially beneficial :

  • You are feeling curious and would enjoy discovering ‘what shows up’ in your reading 

  • You could use some feedback or directives within a specific area of your personal or business life.

  • Your feeling drawn to connect with mystical or otherworldly energies

  • You could use another set of eyes on your life utilizing higher awareness perspectives and insights 

  • You’d like some metaphysically based wellness support for body-mind-spirit

  • You feel caught in the same loops, puzzles and patterns in your life

  • You are seeking relationship insights

  • You’d like to more fully connect with loved ones / ancestors / who have crossed over

  • You can use some understanding and support because you are psychically sensitive and logic no longer plays a role in the experiences you are having

  • You’ve hit a blindspot in your life

  • You’re spiritually seeking



Clients who call and specifically ask for a "Mediumship Session " in the hopes of getting in touch with a certain person who has crossed over, need to often times understand basic foundations to this kind of reading session.  It is some of the MOST misunderstood that I come across, so, I feel it is important to address this aspect more fully ...


Hello ! Welcome !

I'm Summon, a professional psychic - medium of over 30+ years and I'll be your spiritual consultant during this journey together.  You might be asking yourself  "What is the greater purpose of having a psychic reading?" 

  For my personal toolkit, I work with scrying and crystal balls,  various stones , traditional or themed tarot and oracle cards, organic divination, psychic 3rd eye seeing and mediumship skills as well as medical clairvoyance. 

Enjoy perusing around the site. I look forward to working together. XX

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