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 Shamanic Consulting

"In a world full of people , only some want to fly...isn't that crazy ?"

Singer;Songwriter:  SEAL

Raven Shaman by Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet


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Why use Shamanic Consulting as your compass ?

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The word "Shaman" has various definitions assigned to it; but generally is seen as an ancient spiritual practice or pathway deeply rooted in healing of the spirit and soul retrieval. Shamanism holds a certain ancientness in it's symbology, omens, signs, levels of consciousness, spaces and in-between spaces in time and otherworldly forces.

In practical urban application, Shamanism is a wisdom practice often used to strengthen a connection to ones self; ones center, at the same time one might travel in various trance states to gain insights, inner directives and answers they seek through a " soul journey" or "vision Quest " to their inner planes.  Shamanism is thought to have strong origins around Siberia and precedes Paganism and most formal religions. At its core, Shaman are "healers of the spirit" and were revered as wise ones who could do "other worldly" journeying on behalf of their clan members or tribe in order to gather knowledge for healing purposes or the good of the whole, especially when an individual could not seem to get to it themselves.


Shamanism can include traditions and wisdom practices from various cultures worldwide and has more recently been added to the list of "mindfulness" practices making a popular comeback.  Hence the  current trend of " Urban Shamanism" can pertain to someone sitting at their office desk, taking 5 minutes to decompress and engage in a" mindful meditation break !" during their lunch hour, as well as an elder tribesman sitting in the bush, using their medicine plants to aid his/her vision quest.

When we are not in touch with our higher consciousness, our actions simply reflect conditioned patterns of thought such as learned behavior, habits and accepted beliefs. Our connection with spirit is broken. This causes us to no longer be in charge of our own life experiences. Through the process of sensory awareness, imagery and inner listening, the soul-mind speaks.

Some of us have forgotten how to listen to our spirit, our inner planes or we are too distracted to hear our inner directives. Sometimes we are so emotionally charged in an issue it is difficult to be objective. Most of us have been brought up in a materialistic world view that neglects the role of spirit.

Shamanic Consulting re-establishes a flow with life because we can clearly see and understand our  blueprint of choices. It re-establishes our connection to spirit, with great insight, allowing us to learn, evaluate, transcend and conquer life's challenges. We flourish instead of floundering.

This is a soulful piece of scripting I am very fond of written by a man called LomaKayu at  It beautifully demonstrates an organic "natural world" thought process in a moment during his 'shamanic' reflection vs. how more traditional mental health modalities might teach / utilize practices. One is not better than the other and both can complement one another magnificently.  Here we can see in this example the flavour and context Lomakayu shares is less 'heady' and more  'felt sensing' as he practices gently moving himself away from any burdening thoughts, into a more serene, balanced and objective observer OF his thoughts. His burdening thoughts lose their authority over him. He is not immersed in them nor the emotions surrounding them. He is expanding his awareness of their presence and his 'self', PAST them. From this centered point, he can see much more clearly and he is not living his burdening thoughts as an issue. They are simply little storm clouds in his big sky; clouds to observe, to notice, to learn from and to honour. 

When I have days I don’t feel good, I practice becoming big sky to the little stormy clouds of pain and loneliness. I give it all lots of space so the clouds may give their gifts of rain and tears. And if I fall into the dark pit of thinking too much, then I just let those thoughts be restless birds in the sky of who I am. I become big sky, the circle of one. This is Known as the Path of the Circle, The Direct Path to the center, and freedom. The door you must pass through is the Question: “Who Am I?” Every answer, every feeling, every thought but a pattern in the maze to the center where it is Quiet . . ."

LomaKayu offers his services, separate from my own at: but I share his video with you as a beautiful example of a shamanic approach to life.


Special thanks to LomaKayu for allowing me to reference his works on my page

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Shamanic Consulting

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