Shamanic Consulting

"In a world full of people , only some want to fly...isn't that crazy ?"

Singer;Songwriter:  SEAL

Raven Shaman by Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet


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Why Shamanic Consulting ?










Shamanism has as many definitions assigned to it as there are grains of sand on the planet. To me, Shamanism is a pathway, anciently connected to the invisible natural world and the physical natural world. It links spaces in time along with ancient and otherworldly forces. It is also remaining connected to ones self; ones center, at the same time one might travel into various trance states or soul journeys. It precedes Paganism and most formal religions. At the core, Shaman are generally "healers of the spirit" Shamanism can include traditions and wisdom practices from various traditions and cultures world wide.

When we are not in touch with our higher consciousness, our actions simply reflect conditioned patterns of thought such as learned behavior, habits and accepted beliefs. Our connection with spirit is broken. This causes us to no longer be in charge of our own life experiences. Through the process of sensory awareness, imagery and inner listening, the soul-mind speaks.

Some of us have forgotten how to listen to our spirit, our inner planes or we are too distracted to hear our inner directives. Sometimes we are so emotionally charged in an issue it is difficult to be objective. Most of us have been brought up in a materialistic world view that neglects the role of spirit.

Shamanic Consulting re-establishes a flow with life because we can clearly see and understand our  blueprint of choices. It re-establishes our connection to spirit, with great insight, allowing us to learn, evaluate, transcend and conquer life's challenges. We flourish instead of floundering.

 This is a soulful piece of scripting I am fond of , written by a man named LomaKayu at

www.medicineofone.com  It demonstrates a strong "shamanic" viewpoint of a moment in time:

When I have days I don’t feel good, I practice becoming big sky to the little stormy clouds of pain and loneliness. I give it all lots of space so the clouds may give their gifts of rain and tears. And if I fall into the dark pit of thinking too much, then I just let those thoughts be restless birds in the sky of who I am. I become big sky, the circle of one. This is Known as the Path of the Circle, The Direct Path to the center, and freedom. The door you must pass through is the Question: “Who Am I?” Every answer, every feeling, every thought but a pattern in the maze to the center where it is Quiet . . ."