" In A World Full Of People, Only Some Want To Fly...Isn't That Crazy ??? " Seal-Musician

Keys to obtaining self-reliant answers

It is important to listen to your inner voice. Do not listen with emotions nor other imposters. Listen with a balanced approach. In this regard, you will hear your intuition speak and you will hear with Clarity. Then, of course, you must respectfully heed and act on your insights. Following through on what you receive , hear or sense, is your key.

Shamanic Studio

Shamanic Counselling is beautifully beneficial for:

  •  Mindfulness Practices

  • Awakening the spirit

  •  Touching other worlds

  • Supporting your spirituality and well being




        Shamanic traveling

        Talk and share therapy

        Group Gatherings

What is  Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient old religion in its own rite. Shaman  live closely connected to the invisible natural world behind the physical natural world we call "nature" and can read signs, symbols and omens in nature which present themselves in various ways for various purposes. They were originally the ancient holy persons of a clan or tribe who worked for the good of the collective people as healers, seers, divinatory magi and otherworldly voyeurs as well as medicine men and women. 

Today, we call many individuals who see from behind their eyes as well as in front...and who practice mindfulness and journeywork,

          " urban shaman"                        

Celebrate life WITH A fully Empowered  You!