Super Wolf Blood Moon & Tips for holding your own Sacred / Shamanic Fire

I promised some esoteric details to consider for during the Super Blood Wolf Moon this weekend. However, anything I'm sharing here, can be utilized anytime one is in a magical mood. Which in my case is most always! I literally am watching the super moon move from my living room window area, around the side of my house. It's stunning and I'm planning on holding a "sacred fire" tonight, even though it's truly not fit for man nor beast outside. Here are some esoteric related musings if you are holding a sacred or shamanic style fire this evening. It's one of the most common questions I am asked " how do I hold a genuine shamans fire?" My response is always the same. There are no exact rules but there are a few traditions I've learned over the years which I think are worth observing when doing an organic fire and planning on adding your magic working.

1.) Do not use fire starter fluid to kick start your fire if you can help it. You want your fire to have its birth life begun by the most natural means possible. (same goes for the first spark of creations of any human... hopefully not the result of toxic substances during love making):):) Elemental Fire spirits, I believe , have an aversion to any fake, non~ organic or toxic substances and while its not the end of the world, depending on how large or small your fire might be , it could become important to it's sacred potency over all. Esp. if its a small fire and you pour lighter fluid on it. hummmm. Same goes for what you might FEED your fire spirits during your fire. If you add Wood with toxic paint on it , or cardboard with printed material, or material with flammables, etc. Think about how YOU would feel if you were fed toxic laden substances ? So, you're praying to the fire spirits to aid you in some form and then you toss last years window frame from the shed, with toxic varnish and lead paint on it. Just sayin'

2.) You may blow ONTO or INTO your fire ( actually I like this process while sending my 'intentions" into the flames and watching them dance...but to blow fire or a flame out with a forceful puff of your own air ( such as on a candle) is considered disrespectful to the fire spirits who eventually will evolve or show up in your fire. Its like saying " hey, I don't care if I annihilate your life force, using my more vigorous force ". Do your best to use something organic to put your fire out with, like dirt , ashes, a cover, etc. Im not really fond of even using water only because in its harsher connotation, water is the destroyer of fire.

3.) If you MUST hold an indoor fire ...( going outside is impossible) the ideal smallest fire you ever want to create... is based on holding your hand with your fingers spread as far and wide as you possibly can and look at the width of your fingers outstretched. The circumference of your fire bowl or indoor fire, should not be any smaller than that width. It took me a very long time to understand why some shaman directed me in this manner during the making of my ritual fires and one reason I saw psychically is that part of us moves into and out of our fire element when we connect fully with it ( as we meld with the fire and become molecular with it ) and you need enough active area / space for your own energy to move in and out of (so to speak) with the fire , as does the passage of some spirits which are evoked, called or communicating through it. I also observed that if you are blowing onto your fire, your breaths force seems to be in direct proportion to your energetic force field in general, which is in proportion and no less than the width of your hands.

4.) In various cultures, it takes no less than 7 years as an apprentice to become a full fledged " fire keeper ". This may be the case because various seasons , environmental factors, weather and nature in general, tie into how the fire responds, lives, breathes, acts and communicates...and it takes many years of cycles in nature to fully observe or perhaps unite with it all. Also, if you already hold an affinity to a particular element ... ( wind, fire , water , air) it would make sense that the more you open yourself up to 'seeing' and 'sensing' the esoteric dance of these elements, particularly such as fire... the more your own 7 major chakra centers will activate and absorb the understandings and ancient 'knowings' as you continue to unite with the element on various dimensions connected to it. It may be that it takes that long for our energy centers to evolve to our third eye opening so that we connect fully with the fire element. That is just a theory or two and has certainly been alluded to by the Egyptians when they speak of the fire snake awaking or destroying, liberating or enlightening, in the third eye. When you consider that fire is the only element of the four , which can move ( or be taken) back and forth between worlds and has been depicted in magical pictures, written about in ancient esoteric texts, described in other worldly references such as "celestial fires" and more... you begin to realize there is alot more to this element than just a making a bon fire fit for roasting marshmallows !

5.) What mysteries you will be opening to, by holding a sacred fire, will most likely be revealed to you over time, not learned immediately by fire gazing. Although certainly, I have had spontaneous "knowings' drop into my awareness while fire gazing. But the likelihood is more that you'll set your intentions into your fire, do your personal rituals, spend time fire gazing (and you should be watching the dance of any smoke as well) as you enjoy all these moments. Later, when you're not fixated so much, you find that sacred connections drop into your awareness or your energy field has drawn something amazing into your sphere of existence. In other words, being present at a fire doesn't always mean instant gratification of answers. Love your questions... and be patient for your answers. Just know that whatever you set into motion with intention in your sacred fire, will and always does, (much like a ripple effect in water ) answer your call. It may lend itself to these mysteries and revelations opening up to you over days, weeks or even months... and at it's simplest most basic level , being at a sacred fire cleanses, purify's and recalibrate's your entire energy field by burning off any negativity.

6.) I'd like to add a lovely entry relating to sacred fire, from "The Book of Doors " written by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson. " To the Egyptians the act of naming was a sacred act because it called a principle into existence. When the pharaoh was named " SON OF RA" ( Ra is in the family of the sun) he was given his divine power to rule. He was infused with the consciousness of the sun god. " and certainly we know the SUN to be the ultimate super hero of Fire power !

So when you hold any sacred fire, you might want to keep some of the aforementioned things in mind. Your intention in entering into your sacred contract with your fire, is just as important as how you present your herbs, items, thoughts, energy or intentions INTO the fire. Don't just toss your herb bundle in helter-skelter. Perhaps hold it to your heart or third eye first, take a moment to pray or put intentions into it, thank the fire for it's majesty and it's helpers, take a moment to remember the ancient ones and honour the element and revere it's magic in some small way. Then, place your bundle in. Notice which direction you did it from. Notice where it fell, how it burned, what dance the smoke showed you. Begin the fire with a nice clean herb like SAGE to "open up and welcome" and close your fire with something nice as well. Be aware. Be awake. Be respectful. Listen to your own intuition ! In this manner you will be honouring yourself as well... the sacred fire, the spark of life, which your own existence began with, when the love of two humans created friction. Like two sticks rubbing together ...that spark from that union jumped into being. None of us would be here today without that fire-spark related event. Blessings. Sue

P.S. ) Back to the eclipse for a moment : Lots of good information at this link on each zodiac sign and how the January lunar 2019 eclipse ties in. Enjoy:…

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