Why would The Tower of London keep a Raven in a medicine cupboard ?

Ravens are magical birds. Just about anyone on the planet has heard that statement, even if they don't agree, much less LIKE them. But this video from London (sent to me from a friend) has left me a bit speechless. Although its fantastic these ravens practically have their own butler to tend to them, when the vid came to the part about locking them down for the night, I gasped in disbelief. Don't these quarters seem more like medicine cabinets, given that solid door swings shut like a thick bank vault? Won't oxygen run out if the caretaker is late arriving in the morning? Then again, I suppose some flats in London don't appear much larger and they cost over 3000 a month ! https://youtu.be/eGduSbek-b4

#Ravens #magic #london

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