Social Seers Table 


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A Self-Empowerment and Self-Discovery Interest Group - utilizing intuitive skill building and mindfulness practices for the purpose of sharing information, insights, resources and answers people are seeking for their lives.

For recreational and community fun, socializing or as a complimentary program for select professions. 

* Fosters self-reliance,  self-confidence,  self-empowerment


* Helps individuals come into clarity around what they want to be doing, creating & living in their lives


* fast tracks psychic and intuitive information for deepening self knowledge & providing answers


* Can be used as a complimentary program to some traditional therapies for less time and cost


* Explores seeing from behind your eyes, not just in front 


* Participants  weave stories around what really matters


* Encourages some " time out " from our crazy busy world

* Builds networking, community strength and positive social change


* Expands AWARENESS OF intuitive abilities over and above the 5 senses

7+ Essential ways The Seers Table will illuminate your world:


  • No psychic experience necessary but the experienced are certainly welcome.

  • This is NOT a seance table of ANY kind. It is a fun and practical way to develop intuition. 

  • Come practice seeing from behind your eyes, not just in front. 

  • Suspend everything you think you know during this wonderful time at the table.

  • The collective energy of the group dictates the pace.  Each gathering is unique.

  • Enhance your intuition and natural psychic sensing in a comfortable & safe atmosphere.

  • Participate... or just relax and enjoy a different kind of experience. 

  • Meet new friends.  Everyone is welcome.

Some Details Mystere'



The Goal of this Human Potential Program is to foster self reliance, self confidence and self actualization in individuals and ultimately enhance social networking in communities.  The Social Seers Table helps participants get in touch with a clear picture of what it is they want to be doing and creating in their lives.  Nurturing higher intelligence and the potential within, leads to life affirming choices. What better way to actualize this, than coming together with like minded individuals who can share objective insights? The Social Seers Table facilitator boasts over four decades of dedicated metaphysical research and expertise in psychic work, energy healing, and wisdom traditions and helps individuals learn by example that this innate intelligence resides within everyone and is a self empowered birthright. What defines S.S.T. as unique? Its facilitators understand the pathways & conviction necessary to identify and actualize psychic / intuitive knowledge from a lay persons starting point and tie it all together in a safe learning environment poised for growth. 


...but we promise not to scold you like she did !

( We'll just ask nicely! )

A.) In as much as it is possible, please do not arrive late to the Table event. It is understandable that life happens, but it may mean you will have to wait until another event is scheduled, Or wait until a group break is in progress, to join us. The reason we must adhere strongly to this is because late arrivals will interrupt flow and disrupt others of their meditative moments along with the ability to concentrate during periods when concentration is necessary. A call is always appreciated if you know you've run into a delay. In this way, we will do our very best to accommodate your late arrival. 



B.) Be kind and thoughtful ... please do not wear any scents , perfumes, oils, etc. for those sensitive who may be sitting near you, nor bring any pets to the event unless you call us before hand to discuss.


C.) Unless dire or obvious circumstances warrant it , ...cell phones, texting , etc will be put away while sharing at the table. Please do not leave the circle abruptly and break the concentration of the group unless absolutely necessary. We will take periodic breaks.

D.) Please let us know ahead of the session if you need any special considerations or have any allergies. Thank you.

Please know up front that every step in participation is OPTIONAL  and a CHOICE POINT for each person ...No experience is necessary to join us,  and no one is ever made to feel uncomfortable should they opt out of an activity.  And if you are the shy type ...There is strength even in shyness. To begin:  We do some fun creative ice breakers, meet and greets (facilitated by Suzanne)  and the next part is the best. But, Shhh! ...that part is being kept a'll just have to attend to experience the magic. What happens during this whole process will astound even the most skeptical of persons. There is always something fun and interesting that evolves from the group energy at the table.  Even if a participant just wishes to observe and be still, they will glean wonderful insights and time well spent.


      SHY TYPE ?


Suggested Venues these professional programs best compliment:

  •  Employment programs, networking groups

  •  Integrative medicine, alternative wellness centers,  hospitals, rehab centers, recreational  centers

  •  Community centers

  •  Holistic Centers , Spas

  •  Corporate or various business, team building or  networking groups 

  •  Fundraiser or charity


Social Seers Table  Recreational Programs

Metaphysical Brats

Prosperity & Blessings Bank

For youth who love elements of the magical world, are intuitively wired, can out think most adults and who beat to a different drum !  Who says young people don't have life challenges? Ha! This is a unique way to work some of that brilliance, meet other great minds and amp up those intuitive skills! 

The Seers Table looks at Prosperity as a 'state of being' in the mental mind and through this metaphysical focus group we will aid one another at the table in uncovering hidden patterns, mind challenges or any hurdles individuals may be encountering which may keep them from manifesting their optimum prosperity potential. For example, you do not have to have money to attract it, but if you FEEL impoverished, poor , depleted, depressed, or anxious... you will not attract it.  Being all one can be, plus a whole hearted healthy self - esteem are necessary components to manifesting success and creating in our physical world.  As well, understanding personal energetic cycles, some astrology and timing in one's life are factors for consideration.  This group will collectively aid one another at the table and boost their success and prosperity magnetism. The power of "The lift list" (setting goals between gatherings) and words of intention will amplify 10 fold with our groupeffort. Successes you've been desiring, happen with ease! 

Social Seers Table

( open topics )

Each participant brings their personal question to the table. No set theme.

This is the basis of the entire Social Seers Table and why it was formed. No skill necessary, just a desire to show up at our facilitated group. You can relax and have fun ! The premise of the table is this:

 A small group of people gather at the Seers Table where interested and curious minds are seated together, ready to support one anothers questions through shared intuitive insights, impressions , resources or creative thinking. With clarity, positivity and objectivity they will help one another uncover relevant insights and answers into their lives.