Social Seers Hospitals / Holistic

1.) A FRESH OPTION for hospitals, recreational programs, alternative and Integrative medical facilities who wish to add a new dimension and scope of stress reducing practices for clients, patients or staff.* 


2.)  Wonderful for Medical professionals, particularly Doctors / Nurses / Staff who are so busy they barely have time to get in touch with, nor hear, their own inner directives. This is a great way to spend some quality down time, decompressing from an over frenzied schedule. 


3.) For those dealing with known and unknown health challenges, This is the table that helps you champion your own mind-body-spirit wellness, through learning self reliant , self actualized metaphysical skills which de-mystify your health challenges and put you in the drivers seat. A great alternative for those diligently seeking and still not finding answers in their healing process.


This aids patients and their families in developing  self sufficient skills for seeing clearly what their body - mind - spirit is communicating. Learning to trust those impulses and directives, and act with confidence.

   Business Wise

  • Corporate Business Culture with a magical , mystical twist. Imbue yourself or your team with more energy and life force with this fun round table activity -  instead of the usual brain drain. 

  • This is a great team building event or to decompress from pressured work stresses.  A refreshing way to engage a different portion of the psyche for a change.  Relax and leave the world behind for a while.

  • What do you gain by bringing in this program for your staff, team or colleagues?  It is similar to any corporate fast track round table...except this has a more mystical flare in how the information is shared, imparted and discovered. It encourages and develops intuitive skill building and trusting ones instincts in seeing from behind the eyes, not just in front.    

Social Seers Youth Groups

Current statistics suggest that many youth are at high risk in the mental health & wellness area, dealing with suicidal feelings, lack of trust in whom to talk to, feelings of isolation, bullying and more. This is a great inspirational co-counseling program which offers opportunity for youth to work their brilliance, creative energy and insights in a confidential, safe, energetically fun and unique environment where everyone gets to shine. Plus the added bonus of gaining immediate feedback to deal with their life dramas and challenges , realizing they are not alone , and perhaps the best part... opportunities to meet new friends. A win-win for everyone. 


This program also works beautifully as a complimentery choice for professionals such as psychology, psychiatry, integrative wellness, medical, community programs and social working services.


Contact:  (905) 528-3902. MetaFizzAura@Gmail.Com SOCIAL SEERS TABLE is available to meet in Hamilton, Dundas, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, St. Catherines, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Cambellville, Niagara On-The-Lake, Brantford and the Toronto areas.  S.S.T. also goes mobile, travels to the east coast, U.S. and takes all location requests into kind consideration.


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Divine Your Wine


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