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I began my life as a native of New England's beautiful Connecticut state in the U.S.A.

Quaint towns rich in historical architecture lie nestled between pockets of valley hills lush with pines and maples. The finest changing of the four seasons takes place there and you cannot help but be one with nature.


Growing up closely tied to nature provided me with a peaceful inner world, but it was my experiences with the non-ordinary world which challenged me. After a miraculous healing, my father passed away 7 years later than his original due date with death. The second night of his passing he appeared at the foot of my bed to wave goodbye. It would not be the first time I'd seen a spirit in my room, but it was the first time I'd seen a spirit I KNEW.


A Few years later, around 1981, while running to catch the train at New York's Penn station, I found I'd misjudged my time ahead by an hour plus. My choices were shopping at Macy's or the old building across the street with the neon PSYCHIC READER sign blinking in the window.  I opted for the latter and as fate would have it, I quickly found myself in a room with lots of incense and a most mysterious woman. She was seated in the shadows , beckoned me in and began to speak of my life in great detail.  It was like something out of a movie. She witnessed events that had passed, unraveled my present and confided stories yet to come. She described major relationships in my life with such vivid accuracy, that she truly captured every fibre of my attention.


The most stunning part of the reading came when she unfolded private details around my physical health. Not only did she describe ailments I'd had as a child but she told me darker things around my inability to heal. When she told me that there were 'beings' in another dimension working on my health with intent to harm me in this lifetime, I got up abruptly and left. I was furious and felt betrayed after such an amazing segue into my reading. Nothing she was saying made further sense in my logical -rational mind.


That incident became the catalyst for my delving into psychic, holistic and the metaphysical. Not because it frightened me, but because a part of me reasoned all the way home on the train that day,  that if someone else was capable of seeing the hidden order of my life, then I should be able to see it also.  And if I could know mine, couldn't everyone be in touch with theirs ?


As a child I had always been fascinated by observing patterns in nature and in people. Both Physical and non-physical energies I sensed but had no tangible evidence for - just a "felt sense".  Following that truth,  it became apparent to me early on, that hidden orders, patterns, and the invisible natural worlds, were all somehow inextricably linked.


For the next several decades, in a winding tapestry of events, the non-ordinary would place itself in my life over and over again, many times against my wishes.  I never sought out gurus or sages... Yet, sagely mentors appeared at each step of the way, some of them the fiercest of teachers.  I also spent many years interviewing different kinds of psychics and intuitives to understand how they saw; what they saw,  how they worked, how they channeled their information and worked with more than just the physical realms.  These experiences forged me into who I am today and because of this and the inherited knowledge around human consciousness that evolved as a result,  I believe it is my calling to be of service to others who are on personal paths of spiritual unfoldment , healing, greater self awareness and all such noble pursuits.

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