Tarot Classes Running : 2021

PLEASE NOTE ~ Locations vary season to season but we are generally teaching in or near to the Hamilton / Burlington / Waterdown areas of Ontario 


Course fee: $175.00  

This class is for those just beginning their exploration of Tarot. Whether perceiving oneself as skilled or not , all are welcome. Some of the magical work you'll become fluent in :


  • Explore hidden dimensions involved in Tarot Reading

  • Familiarize yourself with tarot as a self - psychology tool

  • History of  Tarot Cards and how they intertwine patterns with traditional playing cards

  • Understanding which divination methods work for you

  •  How to make friends with your cards and become comfortable working with them

  • How to divine  messages at a basic level

  • How to layer and combine more than one dimension of your cards

  • Creating with a magical consciousness

  • Blocks and challenges common to the new apprentice

  •  Utilizing Tarot as a tool for uncovering hidden information

  • Other topics not listed PLUS practicum time to hone your skills


Course fee: $200.00

Still feeling unsure about giving Tarot readings to anyone besides your pet cat or your best friend?
This course is for those who already hold some working knowledge of their tarot, yet desire an understanding of how to move from "closet reader" into a "polished professional reader".
Success is only a Tarot card away! We will delve into the world of a skilled    professional tarot reader covering some topics such as :

  • How to start from where you are now. Further Psychic & intuitive skill building.

  • Understanding your own psychic wiring.

  • How your psychic wiring impacts the psychic reading style(s) you are naturally suited for.

  • Ethics, integrity and judgements as a tarot reader.

  • Challenges you've already faced , anticipate facing or may not have anticipated facing!

  • What most clients will expect from you and why they book readings in the first place.

  • Dangers of clients too willing to give up their power over to the reader (you).

  • Your role in mentoring emotionally distressed clients.

  • Various styles and methods of Readings

  • How to work with clients who are in denial.

  • How to deal with extremely challenging energies clients may be harboring.

  • What do you do if "nothing shows up"


Course Fee: $250.00

This class answers all of your burning questions about what it takes to really "put yourself out there" and begin a successful business as a professional reader. Current social media trends , marketing strategies and Google Gods and divine alchemy... are some of the business strategies addressed.  Potential topics:


  • Understanding different types of clients and their psychological patterns.

  • Venues to market yourself to

  • What personality reader are you and the types of clients you might attract

  • The two types of clients who will seek you out

  • Further ethics and best practices of great value to include

  • How your energy ties into the success you generate in your business

  • Factors in your metaphysical mind that can affect business success

  • Legal Considerations

  • Charging ethically, yet smartly,  for your services 

  • How to write compelling and contemporary scripting for your on or offline presence

  • Current trends within internet , social media platforms and current marketing strategies...and why you need them.

  • Working in different mediums such as long distance vs. in person 

  •  Secrets and topics worth re-viewing 

  • How to build repeat business and gain client conversions on your website

  • Resources and Referrals to the very BEST business and marketing pros who can help you and your business fast track into high acceleration

  • Must know preparations for events and shows, so you'll be confident and ready...

DETAILS YOU NEED TO KNOW : Courses may be paid by cash, E-Transfer, cheque or Paypal . Payments are accepted in full or 2 installments (half deposited at class start up and second deposit midpoint of class by post dated cheque which must be cleared with facilitator prior to course) Extenuating circumstances that are credible and cause you to withdraw… (family member in hospital, serious health risks, death in family etc) should be discussed with your facilitator and arrangements will be made for you to finish your course through potential make up dates or retake at a later date or semester when program is running again. Should your facilitator become unavailable to finish teaching your course, a substitute teacher of equal merit may replace them, or an alternative option will be worked out. Refunds may be given in extreme circumstances but are not promised and would be evaluated fairly. Every ethical and wise judgement is made in looking after your educational commitment. Extreme sports weather may deem it necessary to cancel a class for the safety of everyone involved. If this is the case, it is common to proceed back in sequence the following week or an alternative make-up date will be offered.