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"Today I had a life changing experience in the presence of Summon. At my reading, I felt at peace to close my eyes and take it all in, along with times of participating with tarot cards. I felt comfortable in my silence and at ease when I wanted to engage. Summon's reading room will make you feel transcended. I'm grateful for the valuable messages I got to take away with me. My friend and I took a vacation day to visit Dundas, ON to see her for a reading. I went first, while my friend did some local shopping. When it was her turn, I did the same. We later went next door to the Winchester Arms Pub for a cozy lunch. Thank you Summon and we will see you again!"

- Karan Chrysler (Hamilton, ON) 2023


Summon ( Sue)  is absolutely amazing. I found her through referrals and I couldn't have been happier. I planned my best friends surprise 40th Bday party and I thought a medium would be perfect. I expected the girls would have a reading each and that would be it. I was so wrong....Sue went above and beyond to make this party unforgettable. She really spent the time and effort to understand not only what I was looking for but also about the group of girls attending. Sue wasn't worried about "the clock" which made the day more relaxing and genuine. She thought of everything and then some to really make the birthday girl feel special. Sue very much felt like one of the girls and we loved having her there. Her knowledge and intuitiveness was mind blowing and fascinating.  That day was one for the books!!! I continue to keep in touch with Sue..she is so calming and understanding and has really helped me understand and navigate the events in my life. Everything happens for a reason and I believe that's what lead Sue to us. If you are looking for an awesome party idea or even a one on one, I promise you that Sue is your lady. You will never regret it or forget it and you'll definitely see her again and again.

Lauren Kruszynski - 2022


"I hosted my first table seers gathering led by Sue on a warm summer’s evening at my house.. My group, made up of friends and colleagues, arrived early enough to enjoy a small barbecue and a swim before we began our adventure in answer seeking.

The general atmosphere surrounding the event dripped with anticipation of what the evening could hold. Each person who attended brought with them an issue with which they hoped to find resolution. As the sun went down, the group gathered outside around a table and held hands.

Whether they had questions about family, careers, love, spiritual guidance or messages from loved ones passed on, one by one the queries of participants were answered. Our whole group came away from the experience feeling rewarded and uplifted after having a wonderful time. I would recommend a table seers gathering to anyone looking for direction, answers or just an energizing and fulfilling time with friends and family."

C.A. King, Author~ The Portal Prophecies Series 

“ Inspirational , Readings with Sue are spot on, She provides good direction, healing, relaxing environment. R.D. " 


 “ Very enlightening reader. Helped me delve into past problems. Provided good direction. Sue is a relaxing spirit… gives you energy.

 Love Ya. Wendi of the Wind. "

"My session with Sue was absolutely delightful. I have been happy every day since I saw her. Quite an accomplishment and I thank her very much for that. Sue is a kind, insightful person who introduced me to an aspect of my life that I was not aware of having. No other person had ever spoken of this. Her reading was a very different and thoroughly educational experience. It was a pleasure for me. I look forward to having readings with Sue in the future."

Judy E.  Reading patron at THE KITCHEN WITCH, Dundas, ON 2019


" I am very grateful for having met you. Just when things seem troublesome or uncertain, you are one of the people that somehow comes to mind to speak to !!!"

Sylvia Chan - Repeat Client - 2019


"Suzanne is amazing at reading! After encountering me once and getting my full name, she was able to let me know what happened in my life, able to answer some personal questions and be a guide in areas that are working and not working for me. She is very understanding individual that really enjoys helping others. After her reading, I was able to understand more about myself, and peace of mind on some questions I had in mind, which I wasn't sure about. After the conversation with her, I had clarity and things seem to be right in place. So I thank her for being who she is. Her talent and gifts can make a difference for others." 

Sylvia Chan  2015
Artist & Art Teacher
"Mentoring Students Towards their Artistic Dreams"





Just a little something to let you know how much we appreciated all that you did to make my bridal shower so much more special. You went over and beyond the call of duty, you made an incredible "reading" area that had a magical atmosphere, and you had a positive , cheerful attitude all day, even after you did more readings than humanely possible in one day! Thank you again.


Saphia K. - City TV Journalist - Ontario 2011




"A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! GREAT workshop, I think they went really well, I heard great feedback about your classes from the attendees, I know I found them fascinating! I enjoyed all our emails and talks on the phone throughout the whole planning process. You did a wonderful job with everything and I really hope our paths cross again in the future!"


Lauren Johnson

Director of Informal Programming

Harry Potter Prophecy, Toronto 2009





"Sue Sadowski had been asked to provide a belly dancing course to celebrate the summer solstice and not having done this sort of programming at RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens Tourism) before I was a little uncertain how it would be received by members and general public.


The response was over whelming. Everyone who attended was so pleased with the uniqueness of the program but of the instructor as well. Sue put everyone at ease, demonstrated specific dance moves in an easy fun way and allowed the participants to be themselves and experience the dance to their own abilities. The whole evening was full of laughter and the skeptics in the group were begging for more. After our second year with the summer solstice, we invited Sue to teach an 8 week course which again had an excellent response. Sue was a truly profession teacher. She presented the classes in a format that was fun and easy to follow. Her approach was to listen to the audience and know what they wanted and delivered her programs accordingly. She was always patient when RBG had technical difficulties and kept the programs fun. The interest and appreciation was obvious when participants would sign up again and again for the programs. We had a gentleman in the group who was made to feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed himself.


My job at the RBG is to organize the educational programs, so I’m working with the instructors/teachers and Suzanne is competent, conscientious, professional and a delight to work with."


Nancy Lee-Colibaba,

Hort. Therapy Coordinator


Program Coordinator

Royal Botanical Gardens

680 Plains Road West

Burlington, ON L7T 4H4



"Im a first time visitor to Summon (Sue) and I will be back. I feel cleared and at peace. Sue was great at addressing my questions and giving me perspective. She also gave me tools and information to help me in the day to day. What an amazing experience. She really took the time to make sure my heart was clear of questions. I feel amazing! Thank you Sue !

Jenn B. / Visitor  to The Kitchen Witch 2014



Meghan H. said on Dec 10, 2013 11:48 Amy was hosting a surprise birthday party and Suzanne was on time, professional and well received by my guests. She went above and beyond what we had discussed and I was thrilled with the service. I would certainly hire her again for another event!!!



" I honestly feel like the energies around me shift every time I have a reading with you. I have been dismissing it as psychosomatic before, but now,  after our last visit  together you literally read ONE card for me, all of a sudden there are a bunch of changes unfolding and I am on cloud nine with all the faith in the world! Coincidence? I think not . I do know truly your purest energy circles around me when I come there,  and I find I tap into the side of my most authentic self.

 I know in my heart that you genuinely wish happiness for me, and you help me see things more objectively. I have always been able to sense how people feel towards me, and I just wanted to say that your respect is a blessing and truly affects my life in a positive way :) So, thank you..."


Mia F. 2015

Burlington, On. 




"I gave (Sue) four questions, through email and with nothing other than my name and my birth date, she knew exactly what was going on in my life. I had to go over the reading several times, because I couldn't believe that she was so accurate with information, including details about things that no one knows. I look forward to taking our discussions further!"


Kelly F. 2010

Burlington Ontario 






"Enjoyed your divination class immensely! It was fascinating to me and made me pause for a brief moment to contemplate the idea that we as human beings have the ability to use more than our five senses, but we rarely do. Your class reminded me that we need to utilize all senses along with the obvious ones we are focusing with. I really enjoyed meeting you at Prophecy 2007 in Toronto... Best Wishes in your mystical future!"


Laurel V. 2008

Clarkston , MI, USA




 From the Village Square (scare) Halloween Event 2011 Burlington, Ontario


Suzanne was very nice and helpful. She was genuine and the tarot cards were very interesting and aligned well with my life. Thanks! Emily 


You are a very talented Tarot reader. I loved the conversation, it was very interesting! - L.T.


Very focused and dead on reading !!!  Jim


Suzanne knew all about my pink bedroom ! Emily. age 9




From dragonslabyrinth777 ,  EBAY  (Oct 2009)

" A truly gifted and insightful psychic reader. Uncanny intuition and accuracy. I gave her no information to go on and Sue came back with a very exact account of my situation. All I can say is this reader is Truly Amazing and I will be back for more!"



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