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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

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METAFIZZAURA is an online / offline company with a mystical edge. It's primary focus is to expertly lead and guide individuals in their deeper metaphysical, mystical and "mindfulness" pursuits.  MetafizzAura offers diverse services, events and education... while proudly promoting a non-judgemental metaphysical culture and community.

"Moon Panther"  by Dorota Rutkowska

This beautiful print and others by this artist can be purchased at:


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Please share what kinds of esoteric classes you'd like to see offered? 
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2021 spring classes at the Mystic Tree Community room - to be decided. Please leave special class requests on the form to the left re: your top choices for what you would like to see offered online during Covid or offline when life returns to normal again. Thank You. 

What phase of the moon were you born during and what does it mean about your personality ? Click here to discover more. Please bookmark this page first so you can find us easily again .

This is a  fascinating, fun, self discovery tool  you'll love, love, love !

Very accurate. You'll uncover clues to your life's purpose and special talents.

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The Intention of this website and it's services, is to educate, awaken and build a strong positive metaphysical culture and community with integrity.  MetaFizzAura does NOT promote, teach, offer services nor endorse metaphysics or Hypnosis for purposes of  manipulation,  mind control or dark sciences.  MetaFizzAura seeks to provide support for those who may percieve they have fallen victim to such methods or are working to expand themselves past such manipulations.
If such sciences are discussed on our forums, it is in a professional light with intention to aid people in understanding how such processes can affect the human psyche or to academically debate and study these lesser talked about issues, with objectivity.

 COPYRIGHTS and TRADEMARKS in force with the material and scripting on this website, programs, any intellectual property or pages - NO lifting,  infringement, copying by electronic device, screen scaping or other methods of transferring data is allowed unless customary etiquette re: Social Media, to promote us positively, link back to our website or origins and give proper credit to its author(s), owners or developers.  MetaFizzAura.Com and it's programs, affiliates , links, forums , blogs, written material, e-books along with any and all other material offered or shown on this site is considered intellectual property. Please respect this. Much imagery is custom to our site, photography personal works or legally offered clip art and misc photos, but if by any accidental over sight we have un-intentionally posted any image in error, please feel free to contact us. We do our best to give credit to the artists who have done any custom work or which any portion of imagery was photographed by us as our own. Thank you.