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This site is perfect for you and your wildest dreams, if YOU love...


...All things Magical, Mystical and Metaphysical. Uncovering esoteric knowledge, feeling welcomed as part of an inclusive, non-judgemental Spiritually seeking community and culture  


 ...Business collaborations across various industries with those who prioritize and promote a healthy

"body-mind-spirit" triad of wellness along with  positivity for all.


...On Trend 

Programs , Events and Media which embrace the  adventurous exploration of 

Mediumship, Shamanism

Psychically seen & unseen worlds,  Spiritism,

Occult Science, Paranormal

and the Esoteric arts.


...a platform which offers access to exclusive services and expert mentorship from spiritual wingmen & wingwomen who are dedicated to working with high achieving individuals and busy professionals with mainstream lifestyles.

Wow, everything sounds amazing, but I'm here to book a psychic reading!
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Where Modern & Mystical Services Converge In Perfect Alchemy

MetafizzAura ( Metaphysical-Aura) is a multifaceted haven of metaphysical wonder and intellectual enlightenment. Nestled in the heart of an online and offline world, this ethereally slanted business weaves an intricate tapestry of Psychic, Academic, Event and Business Services that cater to both the curious and the enlightened. 
At our brick and mortar location in Ontario Canada, you can step into our private PSYCHIC READING PARLOUR adorned with vintage antiques. This magical hide-a-way is where gifted seer(s) unveil secrets of the universe with uncanny precision.

And for the ambitious entrepreneur seeking to infuse their business with celestial insight, MetafizzAura beckons with COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITIES.

Our establishment goes beyond mystique to offer METAPHYSICAL EDUCATION where open-minded seekers delve into the realms of ancient wisdom, tapping into forgotten knowledge and embracing the depths of their intuition.

MetafizzAura hosts  UPSCALE EVENTS a blend of opulent enchantment and conversation for like-minded spirits to explore 
esoteric wisdom.  Inclusive events where attendees celebrate fun, spirituality and culture. 

At MetafizzAura we believe that unlocking the secrets of the universe is an enchanting journey where the mystical and the modern, converge in perfect harmony.  

Manifest With Us

MetafizzAura is a unique Online, as well as brick & mortar  company with a mystical edge. Its primary focus is to expertly lead and guide individuals in their deeper metaphysical and spiritually seeking pursuits. MetafizzAura offers diverse services, psychic readings, events and education for all, but is especially tailored for busy professionals, celebrities and businesses with a 'body-mind-spirit' focus, while proudly promoting a non-judgemental, inclusive, metaphysical culture and community.
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Mary S., ON

“Summon (Sue) is very intuitive and has phenomenal psychic ability. She was spot-on on many levels and gave insight and heads-up of events to come, many which have passed as Sue had predicted. Sue also connected with a passed family member, to the level of detail as her hard-to-pronounce European name. Not only is Sue gifted, she relays messages and information with caring and compassion, which is much appreciated when receiving sensitive messages and communicating with passed loved ones. I would highly recommend Sue if you are in need of guidance and clarity or connection with a loved one.”   
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MetafizzAura is not just about the psychic and metaphysical ... It's also a safe space where magically minded business people can connect and glow. ( Yes, Glow!)  We are proud to have a network of like-minded biz affiliates ranging from owners to mainstream professionals, to the scholarly wise , who are equally passionate about our mission to spread good vibes, cheer on spiritual growth and support safe metaphysical exploration while building an inclusive community throughout the collective world.



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