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Welcome to "MetafizzAura," a multifaceted haven of metaphysical wonder and intellectual enlightenment. Nestled in the heart of an online / offline world, this ethereal business weaves an intricate tapestry of services that cater to both the curious and the enlightened. At our brick and mortar location in Ontario Canada,  about an hour from Niagara Falls, you can step into our luxurious parlour adorned with mystical antiques and immerse yourself in an extraordinary realm of psychic readings, where gifted seers unveil secrets of the universe with uncanny precision.

But MetafizzAura doesn't stop there – it hosts upscale events, and rendezvous for like-minded souls to explore the intricacies of metaphysics, spirituality, and esoteric wisdom. Attendees  can bask in the gentle glow of candlelight, sipping elixirs from ancient recipes while conversing about the cosmos' enigmatic dance. 

Our establishment goes beyond mystique to offer academic education, where open-minded scholars delve into the realms of ancient wisdom, tapping into forgotten knowledge and embracing the depths of their intuitive capabilities.

The faculty consists of  one especially passionate and fiery red headed founder along with venerable mentors who guide eager participants in the pursuit of enlightenment.

And for the ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to infuse their business with celestial insight, MetafizzAura beckons with collaboration opportunities. By merging their enterprises with the metaphysical world, these visionaries unleash a new dimension of creativity, captivating their audience with the fusion of the mystical and the pragmatic.

At MetafizzAura we believe that unlocking the secrets of the universe is an enchanting journey that brings harmony to the mind, soul and business. Here, metaphysics meets practicality.

A metaphysically based company with a mystical edge;

offering "on trend" services-

off-line and


It's primary focus is to expertly lead and guide individuals in their deeper metaphysical

and spiritually seeking pursuits.

MetafizzAura offers diverse services, events and education for celebrities,

and professionals  with a "body- mind-spirit" focus...

while proudly promoting a

non-judgemental metaphysical culture and community.

Do You Believe In Magic ?


"...And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”― Roald Dahl



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" Summon (Sue) is an incredible reader, and I’m so thankful we crossed paths. I felt like Spirit had led me directly to her and as soon as she began my reading she picked up on some very specific things. She’s the real deal. She’s authentic, funny and loves what she does - which makes me love being in her presence. 

Thanks Sue !"

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Robyn Pellitier

Burlington, ON

Summon (Sue),

"A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! GREAT workshop, I think they went really well, I heard great feedback about your classes from the attendees, I know I found them fascinating! I enjoyed all our emails and talks on the phone throughout the whole planning process. You did a wonderful job with everything and I really hope our paths cross again in the future!"


Lauren Johnson

Director of Informal Programming, Harry Potter Prophecy, Toronto, ON

“Summon (Sue) is very intuitive and has phenomenal psychic ability.  She was spot-on on many levels and gave insight and heads-up of events to come, many which have passed as Sue had predicted.  Sue also connected with a passed family member, to the level of detail as her hard-to-pronounce European name.  Not only is Sue gifted, she relays messages and information with caring and compassion, which is much appreciated when receiving sensitive messages and communicating with passed loved ones.  I would highly recommend Sue if you are in need of guidance and clarity or connection with a loved one.”   


Mary S.

Professional Consultant

"My session with  Summon (Sue) was absolutely delightful. I have been happy every day since I saw her. Quite an accomplishment and I thank her very much for that. Sue is a kind, insightful person who introduced me to an aspect of my life that I was not aware of having. No other person had ever spoken of this. Her reading was a very different and thoroughly educational experience. It was a pleasure for me. I look forward to having readings with Sue in the future."


Judy E. 

Patron at The Kitchen Witch,

Dundas, ON


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