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Here you will find current and future EVENT LISTINGS you'll love, promotions at the reading parlour, trending news & more...

Also, at MetafizzAura, we are all about providing mystical savoir faire for your elegant affair.

Events &Promo
Psychic & Mystcal
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 Our Psychic & Metaphysical services range from the fun and entertainment genre across the spectrum to business collaborations and academic education.  Our other big thing? We  shine in providing personal psychic readings and support others in their psychic development. Nothing makes us happier!



Expertly written and developed programs for both your venues as well as our own platforms wishing to be on top in the metaphysical and psychic genre.  Interactive workshops and courses which invite discovery and inner growth for those seeking to expand their psychic and esoteric mystical skills. Our expertise will add new dimensions to employee wellness programs, children's imaginations and most certainly any adult education.

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A metaphysically oriented business is a smart minded business in 2024.

Why ?

Because embracing  a metaphysical mindset paves a path to valuable rich benefits which set you ahead of the pack.

How ? 

1.) Metaphysical mindfulness trends are hotter than ever in business, fitness and wellness worlds. Take a look at many fashion, fitness, health and Lifestyle magazine covers of major publications in 2023. This trend is still lux in 2024.
2.) Your employee's success is amplified when their self awareness, team awareness and visions around their work collectively extends far beyond the usual 5 senses.

3.) Mindfulness is currently high key and it's evolving fast ... you'll want to be riding the wave of this supercharged momentum.
Are you fully prepared for your clients and affiliates who are already embracing the metaphysical vibe?

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