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METAFIZZAURA   What Sets Us Apart

1) MetafizzAura was created to expertly lead, guide and more importantly, support individuals in their deeper metaphysical, mystical, and mindfulness pursuits. We proudly offer diverse services, events and educational platforms while fostering a non-judgmental metaphysical culture and community.​ 

2) Expertise in what it takes to navigate the non-ordinary, non-familiar, as ones psyche expands in awareness, especially where logic no longer plays a role in mindfulness and psychic expansion. MetafizzAura is a strong advocate for psychic mental-mind wellness.

3) Ability to support mastery of metaphysical subject matter and psychic development from a lay persons starting point, to meet individuals where they are at or easily accomodate advanced academic levels. 

4) Experience in professional settings, working with professionals and businesses from various levels, experience in psychic consulting and writing of programs within entertainment, therapeutic and academic sectors. Metaphysics is a way of life for us and how we earn our rightful living. And, we've been immersed for 35+ years.

She / Her

MetafizzAura's  faculty consists of  one especially passionate and fiery red headed founder along with venerable mentors who coach eager participants in their pursuit of  enlightenment.

Services support:

  • mature metaphysical  & esoteric subject matter

  • illuminating human potential / self - discovery

  • psychic practices, development & education

  • metaphysical writing & collaboration in business

  • Fun Themed Events

  • Support & advocacy for psychic & metaphysical mental wellness 

  • altered / trance state work through hypnosis & various wisdom practices 

  • Seekers of the inner mysteries


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Psychic - Medium / Practitioner of Complementary Therapies & Wisdom Practices

Over four decades of traversing the non-ordinary have woven themselves into my life, leading to chance encounters with unexpected wisdom mentors. I've interviewed  hundreds of psychics and intuitives from all walks of life to deepen my understanding of their perceptions, abilities and navigations beyond the physical.

My purpose crystallized—to serve others on their unique spiritual explorations, healing and self-discovery journeys. Living in the consciousness of magic and mysticism has been, and still is, innate for me. Trusting my inner promptings, intuitions and acting on those calls, has made all the difference in shaping "mindful, metaphysical, magical, me."

My astrological chart strongly aligns with this journey—imbued with free-spirited Bohemian energy, psychic receptivity and a calling to inspire, lead and support others in their spiritual evolution and pursuits.

We might say, my mystical journeyworking spanned different phases :

MetafizzAura was founded by me,  to expertly lead, guide and more importantly, support individuals in their deeper metaphysical, mystical,and mindfulness pursuits.

I (we) proudly offer diverse services, events and educational platforms while fostering a non-judgmental metaphysical culture and community.


I envision a legacy—a metaphysical awakening so rich and profound that it harmoniously integrates with conventional fields like psychology, medical, science and more. Our world consciousness is evolving rapidly and I continuously strive to bridge the gaps of this progression between the psychic human and all of lifes' noble professions.

My Focus:

  • Supporting deeper dive Metaphysical Subject matter in the esoteric arts.  Illuminating human potential, self-discovery, psychic-intuitive development, and psychic mental wellness.

  • Diverse Services and Events: From altered / trance state work through hypnosis to wisdom practices and workshops catering to seekers of inner mysteries.

  • Collaboration and Consulting: Working with entrepreneurs, mainstream initiatives and media platforms until the mystical and the modern merge in perfect harmony. ​


Join the Journey:

MetafizzAura is not just a company—it's a collaborative mind aimed at supporting the mystical, magical and metaphysical that is everyones birthright. We are committed to transforming the way people see themselves and the world around them. With our help, you'll be able to see the world in a completely new light - one that illuminates the wonders hiding in plain sight, yet , in the same breath, enhances your Monday morning in pragmatic, helpful, real world ways. 

Contact us now to explore more.

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