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Raven Shaman by Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

Why use Shamanic Consulting as your compass?

"In a world full of people only some want to fly; Isn't that crazy ?"  Seal

The term "Shaman" is steeped in diverse interpretations but predominantly represents an ancient spiritual practice deeply rooted in the healing of the spirit and the retrieval of the soul. Shamanism encapsulates an ancient wisdom, interwoven with profound symbolism, signs, and connections to otherworldly forces in spaces between times, levels of consciousness and beyond.


In the urban context, Shamanism serves as a guiding wisdom, aiming to fortify the connection to oneself, the inner sanctum. It involves traversing various trance states, embarking on soul journeys or vision quests into the inner planes to seek insights and inner guidance.


​Thought to originate in the heart of Siberia, Shamanism predates many formal religions and Paganism. Shamans were revered as spiritual healers capable of embarking on otherworldly journeys to gather healing knowledge for their clans or tribes, especially when individuals couldn't access it themselves. ​


Shamanism encompasses diverse traditions and wisdom practices from cultures worldwide, recently witnessing a resurgence as a form of "mindfulness" practice. Urban Shamanism spans scenarios, from a professional taking a mindful meditation break at their desk to an elder using medicinal plants in the wild for their spiritual quests.


Disconnected from our higher consciousness, our actions often echo conditioned thoughts, learned behaviors, and societal beliefs. This disconnection severs our tie with the spirit, leading to a loss of control over our life experiences.


Shamanic Consulting serves as a beacon to reestablish this connection, offering clarity and insight into our life's path. It allows us to rekindle our bond with the spirit, enabling us to learn, evaluate, and overcome life's challenges, nurturing growth instead of stagnation.


Shamanic consulting caters to various facets:


  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Awakening the Spirit Within

  • Exploring Other Worlds

  • Supporting Spirituality and Well-being

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Journeyworking

  • Shamanic Soul Travel

  • Talk & Share Therapy

  • Group Gatherings

  • Media & Movie Consultation ​


Allow me to share this soulful piece of scripting below, authored by LomaKayu and found at, which beautifully illustrates an organic 'natural world' thought process. It contrasts 'shamanic' reflection with the approaches used in more traditional mental health modalities. Neither method is superior; both complement each other splendidly. In this example, LomaKayu’s narrative embodies less intellectual complexity and more 'felt sensing.' He gracefully navigates away from burdensome thoughts, becoming a serene, balanced, and objective observer of his thoughts. As he does so, their grip loosens, allowing him to expand his awareness beyond their influence. This centered perspective grants him clarity, transforming these burdens into mere passing storm clouds in his vast sky—a chance for observation, reflection, learning, and reverence.


In LomaKayu's words, "I practice becoming big sky to the little stormy clouds of pain and loneliness."  This metaphor symbolizes Shamanic thinking, moving ones inner self toward freedom, embracing thoughts and emotions as transient clouds, while seeking the quiet center within.


"When I have days I don’t feel good, I practice becoming big sky to the little stormy clouds of pain and loneliness. I give it all lots of space so the clouds may give their gifts of rain and tears. And if I fall into the dark pit of thinking too much, then I just let those thoughts be restless birds in the sky of who I am. I become big sky, the circle of one. This is Known as the Path of the Circle, The Direct Path to the center, and freedom. The door you must pass through is the Question: “Who Am I?” Every answer, every feeling, every thought but a pattern in the maze to the center where it is Quiet . . ."


Discover the wisdom of Shamanic Consulting at MetafizzAura, where ancient practices merge with modern spirituality, guiding you toward inner healing and self-discovery.


Special thanks to LomaKayu for allowing me to reference his works on my page.

LomaKayu offers his services, separate from my own at: but I share his video with you as a beautiful example of a shamanic approach to life.


Learning is a lifelong journey and at MetafizzAura, we're committed to supporting you on your path. Our educational section provides a wealth of information on various metaphysical topics, so whether you're just starting to explore the world of intuition or are already well-versed in metaphysical practices, you're sure to find something of interest. Be sure to check back regularly as we are always adding new content, and subscribe to our site below for news and updates.

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