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Lake MetafizzAura

The element of Water has long been affiliated with  the subconscious, scrying, reflecting the sky, soothing sounds, serenity, mystical feelings,  psychic receptivity, cleansing, clarity and grounding...

For as long as I can recall, a cherished mentor, friend and amazing clairvoyant Winter Robinson, of WinterRobinson.Com, has begun every psychic reading she has ever done for me, with an energy scan and meditation of my personal "lake".  The information she obtains using this technique informs her about how I am standing in relationship to myself, my intuition and events in my life, as they are reflected to her 3rd eye visually, psychically and symbolically.  Over the many years, I've come to love having my 'lake' scanned while receiving her intuitive insights.  So It is with great joy and epic appreciation, that I dedicate Lake MetafizzAura to her for her unwavering support in aiding my spiritual journey throughout my life.  Also, very special thanks to Ashique the amazing digital artist on who helped make Lake MetafizzAura come alive. It was a real treat to work with him on this very special project.  I hope you, the viewer, will take a moment to enjoy gazing upon this magical Lake while thinking of a question you are seeking assistance with. Then, with an open heart and receptive mind, "notice" as your intuitive answer presents itself. It might come from a reflection in the water, a page from a book on the island or even a breeze on a flower as it gently nudges your awareness to bring forth the clarity you seek. 🌟  Summon
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