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2024 Free Gift : Special Charm of Good Fortune

Updated: May 18

The 7 Angels Charm & Instructions as shared and presented to us by

Carmen, Baroness De Pinopar , author of the beautiful and scholarly book " Handbook Of Angels Lore " published by HOUSE OF PINOPAR, available on Amazon. Each year, at the onset of the new year celebrations, Carmen requests from the 7 Archangels, a new charm of magical virtue that aids humans in their daily walk and also pleases the angels that they are remembered. These charms are especially fortuitous and a beautiful blessing to us all.

Directions :

During 2024 this Charm can be used so that by resting your eyes in the 2 photos, it activates its magical virtue. With this 2024 Seven Archangels Opens the Path of Good Fortune Charm, you may read it once in Latin and then repeat it in English while contemplating the sequence: "Seven Archangels, Open the Path to Good Fortune." After doing it once, this mantra can be repeated during the day without the need of "looking" at the charm each time. You may take some nice deep rhythmic breaths as you say it.
For more on Carmen's Books and deeper works regarding the archangels, genuine folk magic, ancient teachings and more, please visit her website at

House of Pinopar owns these materials and they are offered free to the public for personal use under the "fair copy right" conditions.

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