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Eclipse "last minute news" April 2024

Here we are, only moments B4 one of the biggest events during our era. We have a mass exodus from around North America and Northern Canada that have been heading into Niagara Falls, Erie and Buffalo regions since Friday. Here in Southern Ontario we have been listening to the mayor, the police and other authorities near Niagara Falls, gently pleading on the radio , reminding people to " P-L-E-A-S-E NOT wear their "eclipse glasses " " while driving. Seriously, I can't make this up. And for those who aren't savvy to eclipse glasses they are made from cut out paper with a special little shield for eyes while looking directly into the full eclipse. Many universities and other places gave them out for free. To add insult to injury ? We have white fluffy clouds filling the skies here, making visibility almost nil. People paid triple and more of regular room rates , for hotels, tents, lean to's, air B&B's , you name it. Rumour has it, a common $245.00 per night room went as high as $1,500.00 in some cases. I get this is epic, incredibly magical and lots of fun to turn into a special group event, but ....'nough said. PS) Because I am in the metaphysical arts, alot of people have asked me if I think it is wise to leave their crystals and stones out under the eclipse power time. My answer is: Considering most , shaman, seers, medicine healers, tribal communities and cultures of old, consider it to be a rather maniacal time when negativity, evils spirits, and otherwise unwanted presences can slip into our earthy dimension and roam the planet for a span of time, while the portal is open to other dimensions, I would probably suggest " No " , However, I think one should consult with the crystal itself. And perhaps MORE importantly, remember, (seriously) it's NOT a wise time to imbue yourself with alcohol and certainly not any drugs , leave food out uncovered, leave your windows open and fall into bed inebriated , have an untidy house, as these things can attract the undesirables. These undesirables are drawn to anything messy, decaying, a person off center they might walk in. It has also been shared by one of my favorite wise women, Carmen De Pinopar author of Handbook of Angels Lore , that one might wish to disguise their human scent by wearing perfume or some other scent , especially while sleeping at night , so that these roaming spirits might pass you by unbothered around eclipse time. As well, please do not leave your iphone, mobile or computer under the eclipse or it may become possessed. ( I'll let you decide if that last line is serious warning or I'm kidding)  Hope everyone has a safe and amazing eclipse event today, where ever you may be. XX




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