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"A Little Taste Of My Day To Day"

Just before hanging up the phone from booking in a client for their psychic reading  today, they informed me “ Oh, and I don't want you to worry about when I arrive…..” I’m very ghost friendly !”

I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing aloud. It just sounded funny ! They appreciated that I found the humour in their comment and cracked up laughing at the other end too. Whatever made them think I had ghosts hanging around my parlour ? 👻

“ Just a typical day in the life of a psychic reader ” I chimed back !

And it is! Psychically wired clients tell me all sorts of things, share all kinds of experiences where logic is no longer a part of their life experience. Some days I feel like I’m living an episode of Dead Boy Detectives !  ( if you haven’t binge watched it on NETFLIX by now, you’ve missed out on some great psychic fun! ( highly recommend it )

I love what I do as a psychic and educator. I love the clients and community who come by for a reading, stay a bit longer to chat when time allows and who pop their heads in down the road to share all kinds of stories and metaphysical adventures they are into. Now and again, they'll share in how their reading played out In retrospect.  And of course I learn so much from them all. It’s what helps me grow better and better at what I do.

Often the convo at the reading table can run like this :

Client shares :  “I always check with my grandmother first before I date anyone new !  To which I reply “Oh, your grandmother is still with you?”Client says  “ Oh no, she died 20 years ago !”  I simply smile. 

You see, when it comes to being psychically wired, intuitively savvy and tapped into mystical realms, all kinds of raw conversations can take place at ANY moment in the parlour chat. I believe It’s important psychic readers also support clients in their otherworldly journeys and be sure the client isn’t leaning into giving away their own power during their reading. But thats another story, for another blog.

While some readers are into metaphysics for good fun, I earn my rightful living within this path as well. Part of my job is to listen with good ears to others psychic experiences, spiritually spooky tales and mystical mayhem. If it’s one thing I know, it’s that there are alot of us out there who have these commonalities, these meta-mystical experiences, these psychic phenoms… and in my way of seeing, any time there are commonalities and patterns in humankind experiences, one must question it as a possible science, not some ‘out there’ paranormal. It’s much more ‘normal’ than the world wants to admit.

The good fight continues in grounding Psychic education and psychic experiences in this fragmented world which seems determined to keep separating everything out in the human psyche and labeling it. It’s a them or us mentality from the majority of the masses. But I say It’s time to take the great works of psychics and mediums, magi’s and mystics, off the science fiction shelves and give them their due as psychic-psychology.

How are you making changes which inspire other psychically sensitive people to feel safe and welcome enough to be themselves and share raw experiences? How are you helping to elevate the profession of authentic psychic readers and Mediums?

I'd love to hear some global feedback. What are your local laws regarding psychic readings? Are readers and esoteric practitioners respected or still met with skepticism? 🧿 Share any challenges you face in your region! 👇


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